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Plasma Cutter CUT 70

€429,00 (incl. 19 % tax)

Gerät & mitgeliefertes Zubehör • Device & standard accessory



Excellent quality by fully digital inverter technology!


  • A plasma beam which cuts through any electrically conductive metal easily

  • Powerful cutting speed which ensures high productivity

  • Clean cuts that do not need post-processing

  • Minimal operating costs through the use of air plasma – instead of expensive gas is compressed air used

  • Infinite adjustability of the cutting current of 10-70A

  • No material distortion by heat - metal waste is minimized

  • Easy to understand operating concepts for each choice of particular setting, so you can Concentrate fully on your cutting task

  • Maximum energy density with minimal heat distortion

  • Easy handling and low thermal expansion

  • Intelligent housing design with optimized air exchange

  • Powerful, high duty cycle of 60% at 70 amps

  • Quickly cooling ventilator allows a exploitation of maximum power


The plasma cutter  CUT 70 has the most advanced MOSFET inverter technology (Toshiba).The resulting special properties such as high speed and precision of control give the devices their excellent quality when cutting.


The CUT 70  is for industry, crafts and private gardening optimally suited. In the last 8 years, more than 5,000 STAHLWERK  plasma devices were used in different work situations..Easy use, stability and accuracy guarantee a cutting at the highest level.


The device comes complete operational. You need only connect the compressor. The compressor is not included. The power connector is installed by us. All you need is a 16A fuse.


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  • Switch on the hand grip (similar models work with cable ties).
  • Digital display
  • Cutting power up to 25 mm, depending on material.
  • PILOT arc.
  • Small cutting width
  • High cutting speed
  • CNC suited
  • Good cutting quality
  • High quality nozzle and electrodes
  • Duty cycle 60% at 60A
  • Duty cycle 100% at 40A
  • Infinite adjustability of the cutting current of 10-70A
  • By the small deformation thin sheets can immediately be re-welded together
  • Accurate and very stable arc. Perfect for cutting oil tanks, tubs, chassis or similar body. (Good alternative to disc grinder)
  • The device is ready to use immediately at deliver


The inverter technology also allows an enormous weight and volume reduction both the transformer as well the balance resistance. Thus, it is possible to develop a device that weighs only 15 kg.


With the CUT 70, you can easily cut all conductive metals such as standard steel, copper, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, titanium, etc. Infinite adjustability of the cutting current of 10-70A. An air compressor with at least 6.5 bar is required. (No more expensive gas). A commercial compressor is enough. Please pay attention to the power.


To work with this device, you need only:



Technical Data


  Rated voltage   AC 400 V 
  Input frequency 50/60 Hz
  Duty cycle at 70 A      60%
  Duty cycle at 50 A 100%
  Display of output current      10 - 70 A
  Fuse 16 C
  Insolation class IP 21
  Air pressure 6,5 Bar
  Air flow mind. 140 L/min
  Arc deflection HF - Highfrequenz
  Cutting width 1,2 mm
  Cutting power 25 mm
  Weight 17,1 kg
  Dimensions L x W x H (mm)       490 × 205 × 318 (without handle)   


Scope of delivery


  • The device PLASMA CUT 70
  • Profi Plasma torch package P-80 3,80 m.
  • Plasma accessories set: 1 nozzle, 1 electrode, 1 ceramic cap
  • Ground wire 3 m
  • Water separator with pressure (manometer)
  • Connection hose: 3m and 0,5m
  • User guide 
  • Invoice including VAT.



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