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STAHLWERK company history

With a master electronics engineer as father, the first contacts with circuit boards and circuits for our business owner took place very early on. It was noticed that many devices were of very poor quality and often had to be repaired with a lot of effort.
The search for high-quality devices in the medium-priced segment was fruitless.

After a lot of research and unsuccessful search, in 1998 we decided to take care of closing the gap in the market ourselves.
The goal was affordable, but high quality devices. At first these were imported from Hungary. But in the long run this was not satisfactory. A new solution was needed. In order to be able to guarantee the quality of the devices, the planning and quality control was (and still is) carried out in Germany. To be able to offer the final product at affordable prices, the production was moved to the Far East.

In 2008 the company already grew out of the existing warehouse and moved again. There they worked hard to make the company and the brand known. The brand name was registered and the production and distribution channels were expanded. In the following years we were able to offer our customers a five-year warranty. A service that requires a lot of trust in our own product, which we can still offer today without any problems.

In 2017 we moved to Weilerswist, where we still have our headquarters today. A lot has changed in recent years, but the company's claim to produce good, affordable welding machines and plasma cutters has remained and has been pursued with vigour. The development of our products still takes place in Germany. The production and assembly in our own factory in the Far East. We are in daily contact with the factory and several times a year we are personally on site. This enables us to constantly monitor our quality standards and efficiently implement improvements.

Besides the quality of the products, the quality of customer service is also very important to us.
All our employees are trained and familiar with the products. Thus we guarantee the best possible support before, during and after the purchase.
We are at your side even before the purchase decision to find exactly the right device. We are happy to answer all questions and eliminate all ambiguities. Also after the purchase we are at your disposal with words and deeds. And of course not only in possible warranty cases, but also with all questions and uncertainties.

The personal contact with our customers is very important to us. Therefore we are always very happy to receive photos and videos of your works and works that have been realized with the help of our equipment.

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