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TIG DC welding machine with plasma cutter

All our devices are equipped with the latest powerful IGBT technology, which has long overtaken MOSFET transistor technology. This latest development guarantees a long service life, the best possible power transmission and a light and compact design.

TIG is a particularly clean and low-spatter welding method. Above all, its universal application makes this welding method so popular. In addition, all our TIG devices have an MMA function. The DC - series is constructed particularly compact and by the handy and light construction it allows a flexiblen application. The various functions such as current reduction or gas post-flow additionally facilitate the work with the device and offer especially beginners a great relief, while the welding result is considerably improved. The devices with the pulse function additionally extend the range of tasks and thus enable carefree processing of thin sheet metal. An integrated plasma cutter is the ideal addition for a complete workplace.
With the help of an electric arc, plasma is generated which slides through the material.

With a full equipment set you will receive the guaranteed suitable necessary accessories and a fully automatic welding helmet with your device.

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