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20 Jahre Stahlwerk

Guarantee conditions for STAHLWERK Welding Machines

Warranty conditions

STAHLWERK Schweißgeräte Deutschland e.K. grants all customers directly from STAHLWERK Schweißgeräte Deutschland e.K. In addition to the statutory warranty claims of the German Civil Code (BGB), electronic welding equipment of the brand Stahlwerk obtains a three-year durability guarantee within the meaning of § 443 BGB following the two-year statute of limitation in accordance with § 438 (1) No. 3 BGB in accordance with the following guarantee conditions

1. Warrantor

Guarantor is the company:
STAHLWERK Schweissgeräte Deutschland e.K.
Mary-Anderson-Str. 6
53332 Bornheim
Telefon: +49 (0)228 24331713
Telefax: +49 (0)228 24331723
E-Mail: info@stahlwerk-schweissgeraete.de
The guarantee must be claimed to the guarantor.

2. Personal scope

The warranty applies to entrepreneurs and consumers alike.

3. Territorial scope

The guarantee is valid worldwide.

4. Material scope

The warranty only applies to electronic welding equipment of the brand STAHLWERK, which will be manufactured by STAHLWERK Schweißgeräte Deutschland e.K. were delivered.

5. Technical scope

The warranty covers all components in the housing of the device. In particular, it refers to the board and the inverter. It does not extend to the housing and its external components and connectors, such as the hose package or grounding pliers. It also does not extend to included accessories that are not used inside the device.

6. Content of the warranty claim

The warranty gives you the right to free repair of any damaged parts covered by the warranty.

7. Additional power of delivery

STAHLWERK Schweissgeräte Deutschland e.K. is entitled to deliver a new device instead of the repair.

8. Replacement authority for discontinued models

If an identical device at the time of assertion of the warranty claim of STAHLWERK welding equipment Germany e.K. or the manufacturer of the device, STAHLWERK Schweissgeräte Deutschland e.K. is entitled to deliver to the customer, in fulfillment of his warranty claim, a device which corresponds fully to the technical requirements of the device and which is equivalent or of higher quality and not identical in construction. Equivalence does not depend on the replacement value at the time of the warranty claim but on the value at the time of purchase.

9. Exclusion of further claims, in particular for damages

Further claims under the guarantee do not exist. In particular, there are no claims for damages and, in particular, no compensation for consequential damages.

10. Duration and beginning of the warranty

The warranty period is three years and begins after two years from receipt of the goods. Example: receipt of the goods on 30.06.2012. Beginning of the warranty period: 30.06.2014. End of the guarantee period: 29.06.2017.

11. Relationship to legal claims

The guarantee applies in addition to the statutory warranty claims. These are not limited by the warranty in any way. In particular, statutory warranty claims, which expire in individual cases later than two years after receipt of the goods, are not limited by the warranty in any way.

12. Assertion

The warranty is to be asserted by sending the repair request in writing to STAHLWERK Schweißgeräte Deutschland e.K. and the device is sent to STAHLWERK Schweißgeräte Deutschland e.K. is sent. To maintain the warranty period (= end of the warranty period, see above section 10), the receipt of the request for repair in writing within the warranty period, if the goods in the STAHLWERK Schweissgeräte Deutschland e.K. within one week of the end of the warranty period.

13. Shipping costs

The costs of shipping to STAHLWERK Schweißgeräte Deutschland e.K. bears the customer. The costs of the return shipment from the manufacturer STAHLWERK Schweißgeräte Deutschland e.K. STAHLWERK contributes to the customer.

14. Exclusion of warranty

The guarantee is excluded if the defect was caused by improper handling of the device. The guarantee is excluded in particular if the customer has not followed the instructions for use or has carried out repair work inside the device himself. The warranty is also excluded if the defect was caused by an accidental external event.

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