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Welder MIG MAG 200 DC TIG / MMA

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Welder MIG MAG 200 DC TIG / MMA

Item #: 1221
3 in 1 combination welding machine: - MIG MAG Inverter with 200 Ampere,
- DC TIG welding – direct current,
- MMA /ARC-Stick Manual metal arc welding.
- Incl. MIG/MAG and TIG tube package,
- Electrode and Earth cable
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DC TIG welding machine with MMA / ARC-Stick are suitable for w eldingmaterials (steel, stainless steel). Welding device for daily mobile use.

Adjustable functions and important device elements:

DC TIG welding – direct current.
For non-alloyed and low alloy steels, stainless steel, copper, brass and so on.
MIG / MAG welding machines are used for metal arc welding, in which a protective or mixed gas protects the weld against the harmful effects of oxidation. A high working speed, low warpage and clean seams, which only require minor rework, make MIGMAG welding machines particularly efficient and economically profitable.
Wire feed speed control. This can be subdivided again into 2 stages, by operating "hare" for faster or "turtle" for slower.
MIG/MAG - power section has a stepless adjustable throttle (Inductance). This choke smoothes the welding current and changes the current rise rate to improve weld quality and precision...
TIG (tungsten-inert gas welding) – Welding process with many advantages: easy handling, good controllability of the arc, narrow weld zone, splash-free arc, clean weld seam ……
HF Ignition – high-frequency ignition (HF) by TIG - TIG High Frequency.
Non contact ignition. Reproducible welding results by HF ignition and constant welding parameters at start-up.
Gas post-flow protects the tungsten electrode from excessive wear and protects the weld seam for oxidation.
Startstrom MMA/ARC-Stick Electrode welding can be used under almost all conditions and therefore MMA welding can be described as a universal process in the welding industry.
Anti-Stick-function prevents sticking of the stick electrode.
In the case of a sticking of the electrode to the workpiece, the welding current is switched off.
ARC Force – with spray arc, also called ARC Force. This allows to regulate the arc range.
Hotstart – automatic voltage increase at start-up for better welding results.
With all our devices, we trust in MOSFET technology from Toshiba, whose innovative solutions set new standards in welding technology.
Startstrom Smart Cooling
Fast cooling fan allows maximum power consumption and increases the operating time (ED) of the unit.
Startstrom Overheating - Control (O.C. - Overheating Control).
Overheat protection starts as soon as the unit is overloaded. A yellow indicator light turns on and goes out as soon as the unit has cooled down again.
The welding machine is connected directly to the single-phase alternating current (AC) 230 V (+ -15%), 50/60 Hz operation.
The single-phase alternating current is to be protected in the household with a 16 A fuse.

Professional machine for daily use
MIG/ MAG, DC TIG and MMA welding

- MIG/MAG, TIG und MMA adjustable between 10-200 A.

DC TIG welding machine
For non-alloyed and low alloy steels, stainless steel, copper, brass etc.

Gas cooled
Hose package gas – air cooled.

Excellent quality due to fully digital inverter technology
The welding machine DC MIG/MAG 200 has the most advanced inverter technology MOSFET (Toshiba). The resultant special features such as high speed and precision of the control give the devices their excellent quality in welding and cutting.

Partial mechanical metal arc welding (MSG), optionally as MIG (metal welding with inert gases, EN ISO 4063: process 131) or MAG welding (metal welding with active, reactive gases, EN ISO 4063: process 135) is an arc welding process The melting welding wire is continuously fed by a variable speed motor. The usual welding wire diameters are between 0.8 and 1.2 mm (less than 1.6 mm). At the same time as the wire feed, the protective or mixed gas is fed to the welding site via a nozzle with approx. 10 l / min (firing formula: protective gas flow rate 10 l / min per mm of welding wire diameter). This gas protects the liquid metal under the arc from oxidation, which would weaken the weld. In the case of metal-based gas welding (MAG), either pure CO2 or a mixed gas of argon and small amounts of CO2 and O2 (Corgon) are used. Depending on their composition, the welding process (baking, droplet size, splash losses) can be actively influenced; In the case of metal inert gas welding (MIG), argon is used as rare gas, more rarely also the expensive noble gas helium. The MAG process is primarily used in steels, while the MIG process is preferred for non-ferrous metals.
Optionally welding cored wires, also known as tube welding wires, can be used for metal arc welding (with active gas welding EN ISO 4063: process 136, with inert gas EN ISO 4063: process 137). These can be provided in the interior with a slag former and optionally alloying additives. They serve the same purpose as the caps of the stick electrode. On the one hand, the ingredients contribute to the sweat volume, on the other hand they form a slag on the welding bead and protect the seam against oxidation. The latter is particularly important in the welding of stainless steels, since the oxidation, the "tarnishing" of the seam must be prevented even after the torch has been advanced and thus the protective gas bell has been passed on.

TIG welding
Welding with TIG is applicable to all weldable metals. A tungsten electrode is used in the Wigbrenner, depending on the material a welding filler material is required. In TIG welding, the arc arcs between a non-fusible tungsten electrode and the base material. For protection of the tungsten electrode and molten bath, gases such as argon or helium or gas mixtures with non-oxidizing components are necessary.

MMA / ARC-Stick electrodes Hand welding
The great advantage of electric welding is that the materials do not have to be preheated and can be welded directly to the desired positions. It is also possible to connect workpieces of different thickness without problems. For example, a 10 x 10 mm square steel can be welded with a 3 mm sheet. In practice, such connections are constantly present, for example in the construction of a railing, in the manufacture of a fence or in the repair of agricultural machines, where heavy U-shaped profiles are often welded with thinner parts. The widest field of application of electrode welders is, of course, in industry, in the craft sector, in DIY and construction.

Inverter welding machine
The welding inverter is an electronic welding current source. Inverter welding machines are built for all arc welding processes such as electrode, MIG/MAG, plasma and TIG welding. Depending on the power, the devices are connected one or three phases to the electric circuit.

The control technology fits different
Applications and greatly improves the welding performance

MIG / MAG welding machine works with a melting welding wire, which is continuously tracked by means of a motor. In order to adjust the thrust speed, the amount of abrading filler material can be adjusted variably by the user. MIG welding uses inert, non-reactive gases, and active gases are used in MAG welding.

Welding voltage regulator
Welding Voltage regulator adjustable between 14 V - 26 V The welding voltage (welding) of the welding wire is regulated in the material to be welding.

Wire feed speed control
An automatic speed adjustment takes place with the change of the welding current. This can be subdivided again into 2 stages, by operating "hare" for faster or "turtle" for slower. With the control of the wire conveying speed, an arc of medium length can be adjusted. If the wire speed is increased, the arc is shorter. The consequence is that the resistance in the welding circuit also decreases and the current intensity increases in the same ratio. As the wire speed is reduced, the arc becomes longer. The resistance in the welding circuit thereby increases and leads to a reduction of the current strength.

For carrying out the MIG / MAG welding, direct current sources are used which have a certain adjustable inductance or current rise rate with a defined current upper limit. In the case of welding by short arc, where the filler material is transferred dropwise under short circuits, the current rise rate and the current level must be limited in order to be able to ignite on the one hand and, on the other hand, to achieve a stable material transition through the current smoothing effect. This means that the inductance must be relatively high in the range of low electrical welding capacities. However, it must not be too high, as otherwise good ignition would worsen the ignition. However, it must not be set low because the material transfer and the seam formation deteriorate. The inductance should therefore be relatively low in the area of ​​high welding capacities. The inductance (inductance) reduces the current rise, which can lead to the fact that no more detachment by the impulse is possible. Without a choke, the current in the short circuit would rise very rapidly up to the maximum power limit of the current source and due to the extreme resistance heating at the short-circuit point lead to welding spatter.

DC direct current (german: Gleichstrom).
- For non-alloyed and low alloy steels, stainless steel, copper, brass and so on.
- Not for light metals, e.g. Aluminum suitable (no AC).


TIG (tungsten inert gas) is one of most important welding
for processing of high-alloy steel and all non-ferrous metals

HF high-frequency ignition
High frequency arc ignition (HF) at TIG.
A High frequency removal advance the sparking distance between the electrode and the workpiece. There is no direct contact between the tungsten electrode and the workpiece. The tungsten electrode does not touch the work piece – so the tungsten will be prevented and the weld is not exposed any tungsten attack. Touchless ignition works in different work configurations with high reliability.

Gas post flow
Adjustable between 0 – 10 seconds. Protects the tungsten electrode from excessive wear and protects the weld from oxidation.
Important to protect the welding seam from aeration and to create a gas atmosphere.

All our TIG welding machines are also suitable for MMA / E-hand welding.

Shortly before the end, the system releases the set maximum current, which prevents sticking and annealing of the electrode. In the case of a sticking of the electrode to the workpiece, the welding current is switched off. The electrode does not glow and can easily be detached from the workpiece.

ARC force
With spray arc, also called ARC force, can be regulated the arc width.

Prevents the sticking of the stick electrode by short-term superimposition of the set welding current and warms up the weld seam start faster.

Overheat protection
Overheat protection goes on when the unit is overloaded. A yellow indicator light turns on and goes out as soon as the unit has cooled down again.

Output current MIG MAG, TIG, MMA

10-200 A

Duty cycle MIG MAG

35% bei 200 A

Duty cycle WIG, MMA

60% at 200 A / 100% at 150 A

No-load voltage

56 V

Degree of protection by enclosure


Insulation class


Mains voltage

230 V AC (+-15%) / 1 ~ (einphasig)

Power frequency

50/60 Hz

Mains fuse (delay fuse)

1 x 16 A

Maximum input current

27 A

Maximum connection power

6,8 kVA~

Recommended generator power

> 8 kVA / 1 ~


14,5 kg

Dimensions Length x Width x Height (mm)

460 x 200 x 420

Mains supply

SchuKo-Bauart CEE 7/7


IEC 60 974-1 ; CE

Note: Please note that with our Machine MIG MAG WIG MMA 200 only wire rolls up to max. 5 kg are to be used!

The machine STAHLWERK MIG MAG 200 with DC TIG & MMA

MIG MAG torch package 3 meters
MIG MAG accessories set 6-part:
- 4 MIG MAG curent nozzles
- 1 MIG MAG gas nozzles
- 1 Monday key

TIG Torch Package "WP-26" 4,5 meters.
TIG accessories (installed them each one piece already in the hose package):
- 4 gas nozzles, each 1 piece in size 4,5,6,7.
- 4 adapter sleeves, each 2 pieces in 1,6 and 2,4.
- 4 collet body, each 2 pieces in 1,6 and 2,4.
- 1 long back cap.
- 1 short back cap.
- 1 universal tungsten electrode.

Gas connection tube, 3 meters.
Earth cable, 3 meters.
Cable with electrode holder 3 meters.

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