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20 Years Stahlwerk

Plasma Cuttter CUT 100 P IGBT by STAHLWERK - Cutting up to 44 mm

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Plasmaschneider CUT 100 P IGBT

Item #: 1161
A professional device for daily use !
Stability for maximum power !

- Accurate and very stable arc,
- Cutting power up to 44 mm,
- Powerful cutting speed which ensures high productivity
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A professional cutter for everyday use !
Conviction through excellent cutting quality !
Stability for maximum performance - Plama cutting up to 44 mm thickness possible !

Adjustable functions and important device elements:

With the integrated Plasma Cutter CUT 100 P  can be cut without problems all conductive metals. For example: aluminum, steel, copper, brass, titanium and so on.
Cutting power up to 44 mm Material thickness (depending on material).
Construction steel ST37 up to 44 mm,
V2a up to 32 mm, Aluminum up to 25 mm.
CUT PILOT - Plasmatic sinus with pilot arc.
- Non-contact pilot ignition.
With the switch 2T/4T the operating modes oft he control can be determined. This mode provides extended control over the current flow.
IGBT Technology for all our ST models we rely on the powerful IGBT transistors, which are used in the power engineering of our ST devices. The advantages are high blocking voltage and robustness.
Startstrom Smart Cooling
Fast cooling fan allows maximum power consumption and increases the operating time (ED) of the unit.
Startstrom Overheating -Control (O.C. - Overheating Control).
Overheat protection starts as soon as the unit is overloaded. A yellow indicator light turns on and goes out as soon as the unit has cooled down again.
The welding machine is connected directly to the three-phase alternating current (AC) 400 V (+ -15%), 50/60 Hz operation.
The three-phase alternating current is to be protected in the household with a 16 A fuse.
Startstrom ST-Housing is ergonomic, robust and operationally reliable:
- Sturdy sheet steel housing, - Shock-proof, - Hard plastic formwork,
- Control panel conveniently accessible and easier to operate, - Intelligent fan guide.

Excellent quality due to fully digital inverter technology

The welding machine Plasma Cutter CUT 100 P has the most advanced inverter technology IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor). The resultant special features such as high speed and precision of the control give the devices their excellent quality in welding and cutting.

The Plasma cutter CUT 100 P is characterized by the following features:
- Digital display.
- Small cutting width.
- Good cutting quality.
- Switch integrated in handle.
- Precise and very stable arc.
- High duty cycle of 60% at 100 A.
- CUT PILOT - non-contact pilot ignition.
- Easy handling and low thermal spread.
- Intelligent housing design with optimized airflow.
- Clean cuts which do not require post-processing.
- Powerful cutting speed, ensuring high productivity.
- Maximum energy density with minimized heat distortion.
- No material distortion due to heat metal waste is minimized.
- A plasma beam that cuts any electrically conductive meal effortlessly.
- Due to the low deformation, thin sheets can be welded together again immediately.
- Low operating costs due to the use of air plasma, instead of expensive gases compressed air is used.
- Cutting performance up to 44 mm (material dependent):
Construction steel ST37 up to 44 mm,
V2a up to 32 mm,
Aluminum up to 27 mm.

Checklist plasma cutting

The following equipment is necessary to start your welding / cutting work:
- Compressor STAHLWERK ST 50 (available in our shop)
- Pressure tube with clamps
- Welding helmet (available in our shop)
- Protective clothing: gloves, arm splash protection, gowns, safety shoes

Furthermore, we recommend the following equipment:
- Holder for welding torch (available in our shop)
- Magnetic welders corner (available in our shop)
- Wear Parts Kit for Plasma Torch P-80 (available in our shop)

Important NOTE in operation

Make sure that the ground terminal and the workpiece have a good electrical contact; This applies in particular to painted or oxidized metal sheets and to metal sheets with an insulating coating. Do not attach the ground clamp to the workpiece that is to be separated.

Maintenance of the cutting current source

Caution: To ensure proper functioning of the appliance, the appliance must be cleaned at regular intervals with the compressed air from the accumulated metal dust. The Mettal dust can cause short circuits, which could lead to the guarantee being voided.

The control technology fits different
Applications and greatly improves the welding performance


ST-housing robust and reliable:
- Shock-proof
- Robust steel-sheet housing
- High ED (duty cycle) by intelligent fan control
- Intelligent housing design with optimized airflow

Ease of use
- The control panel is clear and ergonomic at the front
- All settings are comfortable, accessible and easier to operate
- Comfortable setting of the welding parameters via function selection and control dial
- Ergonomically arranged operating elements allow for high-quality welding processes and lead to an optimal working results

Safety – degree of protection by enclosure IP21:
- Protection against foreign material. Protected against solid foreign material with a diameter of 12,5 mm or more
- Protection against touch: Protected against access with a finger
- Protection against water: Protection against dripping water


Output current Plasma / CUT

20-100 A

Duty cycle

60 % at 100 A / 100 % at 65 A

Cutting thickness (material dependent)

up to 44 mm


260 V

Maximum input current

21,9 A

Recommended generator power (KVA)

12 KW

Degree of protection by enclosure


Insulation class


Mains voltage

400 V AC (+-15%) / 3 ~ (three phase)

Power frequency


Mains fuse (delay fuse)

3 x 16 A

CUT ignition system

Pilot ignition - Non-contact


19 kg

Dimensions Length x Width x Height (mm)

  510 x 330 x 450

Mains supply

SchuKo-Type CEE 7/7


  IEC 60 974-1; CE

Recommended settings for Air Compressor:

Air displacement

180 l/min

Air pressure

7,5 Bar

  • The machine Plasma Cutter STAHLWERK CUT 100 P IGBT.
  • Plasma hose "P-80" 5 meter.
    Plasma accessories set 3-part (installed them each one piece already in the hose package):
    - 1 nozzle (already at the plasma torch).
    - 1 electrode (already at the plasma torch).
    - 1 ceramic cap (already at the plasma torch).

  • Water separator with manometer.
  • Earth cable 5 meter.

  • Scope of delivery for optionally selectable items. To order, please select the appropriate options:

  • 1) Option "Holder":
  • - Holder for Welding Torch with Magnet Pedestal. (Article details)
  • 2) Option "Magnetic angles":
  • - 4 x small. (Article details)
  • 3) Option "Welding helmet":
  • - STAHLWERK ST-400M. (Article details)
  • 4) Option "Consumables":
  • - 25 parts set P-80. (Article details)

    Information for orders of machines with accessories: Depending on the ordered accessories, we will ship a second package with UPS. This is free for you. We want to avoid transport damage. Although both packages leave our house at the same time, in some cases, the machine comes first and the accessories are delivered one day later. This is not the rule, but it happens.

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