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Item #: 1091
Powerfull TIG welding machine with water-cooled torch:
- DC TIG welding – direct current,
- MMA /ARC electrode hand welding,
- TIG Pulse-Function
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Water cooling ensures optimum welding performance of the torch when welding at high power. DC TIG welding devices with pulse function are suitable for welding materials (steel, stainless steel). Professional welding machine for industrial use.

Adjustable functions and important device elements:

DC TIG welding – direct current.
For non-alloyed and low alloy steels, stainless steel, copper, brass and so on.
TIG (tungsten-inert gas welding) – Welding process with many advantages: easy handling, good controllability of the arc, narrow weld zone, splash-free arc, clean weld seam ……
HF Ignition – high-frequency ignition (HF) by TIG - TIG High Frequency.
Non contact ignition. Reproducible welding results by HF ignition and constant welding parameters at start-up.
Remote controllable current control with foot pedal (not included).
Hast he advantage, that the current can be also regulated during the welding process.
Startstrom Gas post-flow protects the tungsten electrode from excessive wear and protects the weld seam for oxidation.
With the switch 2T/4T the operating modes oft he control can be determined. This mode provides extended control over the current flow.
Down slope prevents piping (end craters) at the end of the weld. After the button on the burner has been released, the machine switches to an automatic current lowering phase. Downslope works only in 4T mode.
Startstrom TIG PULSE - Prevents the burning of materials and reduces deformation due to heat. TIG-PULS function is particularly suitable for welding thin plates, the material of which may be heated only slightly.
Startstrom MMA/ARC-Stick Electrode welding can be used under almost all conditions and therefore MMA welding can be described as a universal process in the welding industry.
Anti-Stick-function prevents sticking of the stick electrode.
In the case of a sticking of the electrode to the workpiece, the welding current is switched off.
ARC Force – with spray arc, also called ARC Force. This allows to regulate the arc range.
Hotstart – automatic voltage increase at start-up for better welding results.
With all our devices, we trust in MOSFET technology from Toshiba, whose innovative solutions set new standards in welding technology.
Startstrom Smart Cooling
Fast cooling fan allows maximum power consumption and increases the operating time (ED) of the unit.
Startstrom Overheating -Control (O.C. - Overheating Control).
Overheat protection starts as soon as the unit is overloaded. A yellow indicator light turns on and goes out as soon as the unit has cooled down again.
The welding machine is connected directly to the three-phase alternating current (AC) 400 V (+ -15%), 50/60 Hz operation.
The three-phase alternating current is to be protected in the household with a 16 A fuse.
Startstrom S-Guard-Housing is ergonomic, robust and operationally reliable:
- Sturdy sheet steel housing, - Shock-proof, - Hard plastic formwork,
- Control panel conveniently accessible and easier to operate, - Intelligent fan guide.

Professional machine for daily use
DC TIG with pulse function and MMA / ARC-Stick welding

- TIG / MMA adjustable between 100 – 300 A

DC TIG welding machine
For non-alloyed and low alloy steels, stainless steel, copper, brass etc.

Gas- or water-cooled
- Hose package water (Can be used up to 300 A)
- Hose package gas – air cooled (Can be used up to 200 A).

Excellent quality due to fully digital inverter technology
The welding machine DC TIG 300 PULSE S has the most advanced inverter technology MOSFET (Toshiba). The resultant special features such as high speed and precision of the control give the devices their excellent quality in welding and cutting.

S-Guard housing

The long-lasting design and the demanding welding properties of the machines ensure a reliable daily use for the production welding work.

*Picture may differ.

S-Guard housing robust and reliable:
- Robust steel-sheet housing
- Hard plastic casing protects against damage
- Shock-proof
- High ED (duty cycle) by intelligent fan control
- Intelligent housing design with optimized airflow

Ease of use
- Modern housing shape
- The control panel is clear and ergonomic at the front
- All settings are comfortable, accessible and easier to operate
- Comfortable setting of the welding parameters via function selection and control dial
- Ergonomically arranged operating elements allow for high-quality welding processes and lead to an optimal working results

Safety – degree of protection by enclosure IP21:
- Protection against foreign material. Protected against solid foreign material with a diameter of 12,5 mm or more
- Protection against touch: Protected against access with a finger
- Protection against water: Protection against dripping water

Inverter welding machine
The welding inverter is an electronic welding current source. Inverter welding machines are built for all arc welding processes such as electrode, MIG/MAG, plasma and TIG welding. Depending on the power, the devices are connected one or three phases to the electric circuit.

The control technology fits different
Applications and greatly improves the welding performance

DC direct current (german: Gleichstrom).
- For non-alloyed and low alloy steels, stainless steel, copper, brass and so on.
- Not for light metals, e.g. Aluminum suitable (no AC).


TIG (tungsten inert gas) is one of most important welding
for processing of high-alloy steel and all non-ferrous metals

HF high-frequency ignition
High frequency arc ignition (HF) at TIG.
A High frequency removal advance the sparking distance between the electrode and the workpiece. There is no direct contact between the tungsten electrode and the workpiece. The tungsten electrode does not touch the work piece – so the tungsten will be prevented and the weld is not exposed any tungsten attack. Touchless ignition works in different work configurations with high reliability.

Remote controllable
Remote controllable current control via foot pedal (not included). The foot control mode gives you the advantage that you can control the current even during the welding process, which gives you various possibilities for the execution of the welding work.

Gas post flow
Adjustable between 0 – 10 seconds. Protects the tungsten electrode from excessive wear and protects the weld from oxidation.
Important to protect the welding seam from aeration and to create a gas atmosphere.

2T / 4T
In the 2 stroke mode, the button of the TIG hose pack must remain pressed. When the button is released, the arc goes out. At 4 stroke mode, after pressing and releasing the button of the TIG hose pack, the arc remains stable. The arc is extinguished only by pressing the torch again.

Note: In the 4T mode, the set welding current is not displayed until the display is activated.

Slope down (Current reduction)
The current reduction prevented end crater at the end of the weld. After the button is released, the machine switches to an automatic current reduction phase. During this phase, the current is lowered from the set value for welding current into the closing current. The duration of this phase is adjustable from 0 to 10 seconds. Down Slope can only be set by 4 stroke mode (4 T).

Welding with pulsating current – a further development of TIG welding.

TIG pulse function is particularly suitable for welding thin plates, the material of which may be heated only slightly. The increased arc stability allows better welding precision. With this function you can weld deeper into the workpiece (10mm) without getting to hot. A burning of the workpiece is prevented and a clean and stable weld is the result.

In TIG pulse welding, the welding current pulsates between a basic and pulse current with variable frequencies, base- and impulse height and width. The pulse frequency, the pulse width and pulse height can be set separately from each other.

Impulse current
Adjustable between 10 – 300 A
- Due to the strong pulse current a deep penetration is ensured.
- Due to a weak background current, the weld pool becomes smaller and easier to control.

Pulse frequency
Adjustable between 0,5 – 300 Hz. Thus variable pulse frequency is controlled.
Increased pulse frequency increases arc stability and welding precision.

Pulse TIG is divided into two main areas:

Rapid pulse (RP)
- Recommended for metal plates from 3,0 mm.
- Low heat input.
- Arc looks like in continuous tungsten inert welding.
- Sound level is higher (because of the high pulse frequency).
- Particularly suitable for materials with low thermal conductivity (iron, stainless steel).
- Better welding speed than the continuous TIG.
- Less deformation than a continuous TIG.
Long pulse (LP):
- Recommended for thin metal plates up to 3,0 mm.
- Two visually distinct periods, impulse and background.
- Better weld pool control than in continuous tungsten inert welding.
- Welding deviating from position.
- Wider weld, addition of filler wire during the pulse current “dropwise” technique.
- Lower heat input than continuous tungsten inert welding.
- Weld with good optical appearance.
- Better welding speed than the continuous TIG.

All our TIG welding machines are also suitable for MMA / E-hand welding.

Shortly before the end, the system releases the set maximum current, which prevents sticking and annealing of the electrode. In the case of a sticking of the electrode to the workpiece, the welding current is switched off. The electrode does not glow and can easily be detached from the workpiece.

ARC force
With spray arc, also called ARC force, can be regulated the arc width.

Prevents the sticking of the stick electrode by short-term superimposition of the set welding current and warms up the weld seam start faster.

Overheat protection
Overheat protection goes on when the unit is overloaded. A yellow indicator light turns on and goes out as soon as the unit has cooled down again.

Output current TIG

10-300 A

Output current MMA

10-300 A

Duty cycle TIG

60% at 300 A / 100% at 200 A

Duty cycle MMA / ARC

60 % at 300 A / 100% bei 200 A

No-load voltage

60 V

Degree of protection by enclosure


Insulation class


Mains voltage

300 V AC (+-15%) / 3 ~ (single phase)

Power frequency

50/60 Hz

Mains fuse (delay fuse)

3 x 16 A

Maximum input current

27 A

Maximum connection power

6,2 kVA~

Recommended generator power

> 8,5 kVA / 1 ~


18,6 kg

Dimensions Length x Width x Height (mm)

535 x 220 x 420

Mains supply

SchuKo-Type CEE 7/7


IEC 60 974-1 ; CE

Please note! The water-cooled TIG welding torch SR-18 300 A on our machines TIG 300 Pulse and TIG 300 Pulse S can only be used in combination with ab water cooler!

  • The machine Stahlwerk DC 300 Pulse S .
  • TIG Torch Package "SR-18" 4,5 meters / Gas- or water-cooled.
    TIG accessories (installed them each one piece already in the hose package):
    - 4 gas nozzles, each 1 piece in size 4,5,6,7.
    - 4 adapter sleeves, each 2 pieces in 1,6 and 2,4.
    - 4 collet body, each 2 pieces in 1,6 and 2,4.
    - 1 long back cap.
    - 1 short back cap.
    - 1 universal tungsten electrode.

    Gas connection tube, 3 meters.
    Earth cable, 3 meters.
    Cable with electrode holder 3 meters.

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