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20 Jahre Stahlwerk

Warranty & Repair

5 years of customer satisfaction with our connection warranty !

3 years warranty after the 2 year implied warranty !

* All our welding devices have a 5 year warranty, are in stock in Germany and are ready for delivery at any time. The warranty covers all components in the housing of the device. In particular, it relates to the circuit board and the inverter. In particular, it relates to the circuit board and the inverter. It does not extend to the housing and its external components and connecting parts, such as the hose pack or the mass clamp. It also does not extend to the supplied accessory, which is not used in the device interior.

The warranty applies only to electronic welding machines of the STAHLWERK brand, which will be delivered at STAHLWERK Schweißgeräte Deutschland e.K. from 1. November 2011. The warranty applies to entrepreneurs and consumers alike.

The warranty period is two years and start the day on which you received the goods.
The duration of the connection warranty is three years and begins after expiry of the implied warranty period, so after two years from receipt of the goods.

30. June 2012 - Receipt of the goods.
30. June 2014 - End of the implied warranty.
30. June 2014 – Start of warranty period.
29. June 2017 – End of warranty period.

More detailed information can be found under the following link: Guarantee conditions.

The warranty provides a claim for free repair of damaged parts, which are covered by the warranty.

In order to ensure optimum support for our customers, our very motivated employees are always available to answer any questions. Our employees are constantly trained and updated to the latest state of technical developments.
Each customer hat his own personal customer support, who is at his disposal in the handling of his order or questions. A service that you can personally convince yourself of at any time.

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