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Item #: 5300

Comfortable welding current control

Adjusts the welding current during TIG mode

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  • Note:
  • When buying a foot pedal for an already existing machine, please pay attention to the plug connection of your welding machine and select between "A (7-pol)", "B (5-pol)" oder "C (5-pol)" accordingly.
    When buying a foot pedal at the same time with a machine, select the "C (5-pol)" connector.

A foot pedal offers you the advantage, that you can regulate the current even during the welding process. There are materials that first need a higher starting current to ignite the arc. Afterwards the power must be immediately be down regulated to prevent burning of the material.

The art of TIG welding is also based on the ability to get a sense of the current strength depending on the material thickness. Only in this way you can weld professionally. It is not always necessary to follow the welding parameters.

Attention! The foot pedal works only with STAHLWERK machines!

  • Scope of delivery:
  • - STAHLWERK foot pedal.

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