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20 Years Stahlwerk

Welding Helmet STAHLWERK ST-950XW White Edition set 8-pieces

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Welding Helmet STAHLWERK ST-950XW White Edition set 8-pieces

Item #: 5353
Extra large field of view
- Fully automatic solar auto darkening
- Very light
- 4 optical high-performance sensors
- Fast reaction time
- Replaceable filters and glasses

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Fully automatic helmet STAHLWERK ST-950XW white shiny.

The welding helmet STAHLWERK ST-950XW white is a size-adjustable, modern designed, as well as high quality processed welding shield with solar power.

With the automatic welding helmet, your eyes are optimally protected during welding!

Suitable for TIG / MMA / MIG / Plasma / CUT.

  • Very light.
  • Flexible housing.
  • Fast reaction time.
  • Forehead padding.
  • High wearing comfort.
  • Adjustable head width.
  • Fixed fixation on the side.
  • Comfortable forehead padding.
  • Replaceable filters and glasses.
  • Sensitivity infinitely adjustable.
  • Extra large field of view 100 mm × 93 mm.
  • 4 optical high-performance sensors.
  • Very fast reaction time (1/35.000 s)
  • Fine adjustment of the light or dark setting.
  • Reaction time in addition to DIN NORM Infinitely adjustable.
  • The sight glass illuminates again as soon as the arc is extinguished.
  • Automatic darkening as soon as the arc appears during welding or cutting.
  • Look at the workpiece at normal light conditions without folding up the welding screen.
  • The filter is protected both inside and outside by plexi-protective-glass from the various external influences (longer life of the filter).

000 S
Allowed welding process MIG/MAG, TIG, Plasma, MMA-ARC-Stick
Helmet material High-quality PP plastic
Visual range 100 mm × 93 mm
Filter dimensions 133 mm × 114 mm × 10mm
Sensors 4 Sensors
Darkning time light / dark 1/35.000 S
From dark / light 0,1 - 0,8 s
Way to shift Dark State Outer control, stepless shift
Sensitivity Adjustment Outer control, stepless shift
Power supply Solar supply & 1 replaceable battery
Rated Capacity of Lithium Battery 600 mAh
Replaceable Lithium Battery YES
On / Off Fully automatic when the arc arises
Operating temperature -5° C bis + 55° C
Torage temperature -20 °C bis +70 °C
DIN Norm UV/ IR protection) DIN 16
DIN Norm - Light level DIN 4
DIN Norm - Dark level DIN5 - DIN9 / DIN9 - DIN13
EU Directive ANSI Z 87.1-2010; EN379 CE
CSA Z94.3
Weight 590 g

Choice of degree of obscuration


The dimming level can be adjusted manually from 5 to 13. Use the set-up table to determine the appropriate dimming level for your application. Please note the following:

SMAW: Welding with metal electrodes mantele electrodes.
TIG / GTAW: Gas Tungsten Are Welding.
MIG (schwer): MIG welding of heavy metals.
MIG (leicht): MIG welding of light alloys.
SAW: Semi-automatic inert gas welding.
PAC: Plasma cutting.
PAW: Welding of plasma.

Switching time from dark to light
The darkening time when ignite the arc is 1/35.000 second. After completion of the welding process, the return time can be set to the light state by means of the delay switch (delay). The delay time is adjustable between minimum 0,1 second and maximum 0,8 second.

Adjustment of the light sensitivity
The adjustment of the light sensitivity serves to adapt the filter to the different light conditions in the different welding processes. Sometimes it is sensible to adjust the light sensitivity of the helmet, so you are not unintentionally in the dark when working in the sun. Adjust the light sensitivity of the helmet as follows: Look with the helmet in the direction in which you work and expose it to the surrounding light conditions. When you turn the sensitivity knob clockwise, the filter darkens, turn the knob against the clockwise to light up the filter. The helmet is ready for use. In certain welding processes, or when the filter starts to flicker, a readjustment may be necessary.

It ensures a secure and permanent protection against UV - / IR - radiation, spatter, sparks and heat. This protection exists in all light settings (light and dark). The protection level of the filter is adjusted so, that a glare by the arc is always prevented. During welding it is not necessary to lift or lower the welding shield. With appearance of the arc darkens the filters automatically, and changes with lapse immediately into the light setting. This will offer many advantages such as: both hands are free, no weld flash, 100% UV / IR protection for the eyes and skin.

Information on battery regulation:
In correlation with distribution of batteries and accumulators or with delivery of gadgetry which contain batteries and accumulators we are legally obliged to inform you about the following, according to battery regulation: Batteries are not allowed to be disposed in the household waste. You, as a consumer, are legally obliged to return the used batteries. You can return the batteries in the point of sale or in your neighborhood in one of the community collection points free of charge. You also can send your used batteries back to us by post. Batteries and accumulators, which contain harmful substances, are marked with the symbol of a crossed trashcan like the one pictured above. Close to the trashcan symbol you can find the chemical name of the harmful substance. “Cd” stands for cadmium, “Pb” for lead and “Hg” for mercury.

Visit us - We would like to invite you to a test welding in our company at Weilerswist.

To be organize a test welding or test cutting with one of our employee, contact us by telephone or mail. Tell or write us your desired date (date and time).

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High-quality STAHLWERK Holder for Welding Torch with Magnet Pedestal
Welding accessories for TIG, MIG and PLASMA

- High-quality Holder for Welding Torch with Magnet Pedestal with a STAHLWERK logo.
- Suitable for sloping surfaces.
- Fixed installation with a screw or individual placement with a magnetic pedestal.
- Prevents damages of the tungston electrode and burstings of ceramic shield caps.
- For security storage of the TIG, MIG und PLASMA torch during breaks in welding - or cutting process.

Multi-purpose tool set 6-pieces

  • Application:
  • - Welding
    - Modelling
    - Automotive sector
    - Bike repairs
    - And much more…

    STAHLWERK Magnetische Schweißwinkel mit Haftkraft von jeweils 10 lbs / 4 kg:
    - Total length 170 mm.
    - Height or material thicknesses 13 mm.
    - Workpiece length sides: 53 mm / 22 mm / 39 mm / 17 mm / 39 mm.
    - Angle 45/90/135 degrees.

    - round magnetic ground terminal / mass magnet with a clamp.
    - straight locking pliers 4“ / 105 mm with max. jaw opening  of 44 mm.
    - needle-nose pliers 5“ / 125 mm with max. jaw opening of 28 mm.
    - 1C-Clamp / G-Clamp 5“ / 135 mm with max. jaw opening of 35 mm.

  • Fully automatic helmet STAHLWERK ST-950XW white shiny:
    - 5 replacement front lens glasses gratis.
    - STAHLWERK helmet bag / storage bag.
  • High-quality STAHLWERK Holder for Welding Torch with Magnet Pedestal
  • Multi-purpose tool set 6-pieces:
    - 2 × pieces: magnetic welding angle with 45°, 90° & 135°, manual force up to 4 kg.
    - 1 × piece: round magnetic ground terminal / mass magnet with a clamp.
    - 1 × piece: straight locking pliers 4“ / 105 mm with max. jaw opening  of 44 mm.
    - 1 × piece: needle-nose pliers 5“ / 125 mm with max. jaw opening of 28 mm.
    - 1 × piece: C-Clamp / G-Clamp 5“ / 135 mm with max. jaw opening of 35 mm.
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    * incl. tax and free shipping to Germany *