STAHLWERK foot pedal 2+3-pole for TIG welding equipment, cable length 1.8 m

The 2+3-pole STAHLWERK foot pedal for TIG welders enables remote regulation of the welding current. The foot control mode offers the advantage that the current can be regulated even during the welding process. Thus, you get different options for the execution of the welding work. The maximum current is selected directly on the device, while the foot pedal is set to level 10. When the foot pedal is depressed, the unit ignites with a lower current than is shown on the display. As soon as the foot pedal is fully depressed, the set maximum current is reached. The value on the display does not change during this time.dimensions: 250 x 110 x 205 mm. Compatible STAHLWERK welding units: DC TIG 200 Puls ST, AC/DC TIG 200 Puls ST, AC/DC TIG 200 Puls CUT ST, AC/DC TIG 200 Clean ST. Not suitable for third-party equipment!
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