STAHLWERK MIG MAG 160 M IGBT welder / fully synergic 5 in 1 combination unit with real 160 amps and 2-roll drive / flux cored, MIG MAG, ARC MMA, Lift TIG

The very compact and lightweight STAHLWERK MIG/MAG-160 M gas shielded welder works with up to 160 amps and is suitable for MIG/MAG, Lift TIG as well as for E-Hand/MMA welding. One advantage of this compact and only 4.5 kg heavy combination welder is that flux cored wire can be used. This means that welding without shielding gas is also possible. In addition to smart cooling with integrated overheating protection, the welder has a synergic wire feed. The speed of the wire feed is automatically controlled by the set welding current. Despite the extensive functions, the welder is powerful and reliable thanks to advanced IGBT technology. In addition to a comprehensive accessories package, the MIG/MAG-160 M - like all other STAHLWERK units - comes with a 7-year warranty.
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Device Funktions & Components

  • MIG/MAG - metal arc welding with direct current (DC). Welding can be done with inactive/inert (MIG, e.g. argon) or with active (MAG, e.g. CO2) gases. Gas and welding wire come out of one torch head and allow welding work to be carried out with only one hand.
  • Fully synergic device: The voltage (volts) and the wire feed are automatically adjusted to the set welding current. This makes the unit very easy to use, especially for beginners.
  • 5 in 1 combination unit - MIG/MAG, flux cored, lift TIG & MMA welding is possible up to 160 A.
  • IGBT Technology - Latest and most modern transistor technology enables highest performance and a high duty cycle (ED)! No transformer, no MOSFET, state-of-the-art IGBT!
  • Lightweight & compact design - only 4.5 kg weight and dimensions of 320 x 140 x 260 mm. Innovative IGBT transistors save space and weight compared to the old MOSFET technology. No more heavy carrying!

Device Features & Benefits

  • Highest Efficiency & Power - Single phase AC (230 V) supplies the welder and allows an output power of real 160 Amps.
  • Smart Cooling & Overheat Protection - State of the art technology, integrated overheat protection and high performance cooling allow maximum power to be accessed.
  • Flux-cored wire - all our units can use flux-cored wire. This allows welding without shielding gas.
  • Automatic wire feed - the speed of the wire feed is automatically controlled by the set welding current.
  • Automatic voltage control (volts) - the voltage automatically adjusts to the set welding current.
  • Wire reel - commercially available wire reels 1 kg can be processed here. The spool mandrel can take 16 mm spools.
  • Wire drive roller - by simply changing the drive roller, different wire thicknesses can be used (0.6 mm / 0.8 mm / 1.0 mm).
  • MMA electrode welding / MMA welding - is a universal welding process. No shielding gas is required.
  • Lift TIG - With a separately available (not included) hose package, the unit can also be used to weld DC TIG (strike ignition).

Note: Observe the correct amperage for a perfect welding result:
For welding with 0.6 wire, at least 60 amps are required
Welding with 0.8 wire requires at least 80 amps
For welding with 1.0 wire at least 100 amps are needed

Note: The unit is not intended for use in residential areas where power is supplied by a public low-voltage power supply system. It may be difficult to ensure electromagnetic compatibility in these areas due to both conducted and radiated interference.

Technische Daten

Model MIG MAG-160 M
Output current MIG/MAG | TIG | MMA 40 – 160 A
Protection class IP21S
Mains voltage 1 x 230 V AC (+-15%)
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz
Maximum mains current (I1max) MIG/MAG | TIG | MMA 26.3 A | 19.5 A | 31.5 A
Largest effective mains current (I1eff) MIG/MAG | TIG | MMA 8.3 A | 6.2 A | 10 A
Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 320 x 140 x 260
Mains connection CEE 7/7 Schuko plug
Standards IEC 60974-1; EN 60974-10 (Class A)


  • Welding device STAHLWERK MIG 160 M IGBT
  • Professional MIG welding torch "AK-15" / hose package 2 metres. This is permanently installed on the unit
  • MIG accessory set 3-piece (this is already pre-mounted on the MIG/MAG torch): 1 × gas nozzle, 1 × current nozzle 0.8 mm, 1 × gas nozzle holder
  • Welding shield
  • 0.5 kg filler wire roll 0.8 mm
  • Earth cable 3 metre
  • Electrode holder 3 metre
  • Gas connection hose with quick coupling 5 metres
  • Wire guide roller 0.6 mm & 0.8 mm (0.8 mm & 1.0 mm is already installed in the unit)

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AK-15 MIG / MAG hose package which is permanently installed on the welding machine. Optimal welding and ignition behavior up to 200 A. A 3-part set of wear parts for immediate start is included in delivery.
Robust electrode holder with modern 9 mm connection and 25 mm² cable cross-section. Best conductivity through high quality copper cables. Different angles for stick electrodes possible.
Robust grounding clamp with modern 9 mm connection and 25 mm² cable cross-section. Best conductivity through high quality copper cables.
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