Warranty & Repair

Seven years customer satisfaction with our guarantee!

All our welding machines have a 7 year guarantee, are in stock in Germany and are ready for delivery at any time. The warranty covers all components in the housing of the device. In particular it refers to the board and the inverter. It does not extend to the housing and its external components and connecting parts, such as the hose package or the grounding pliers in the case of welding equipment. It also does not extend to accessories supplied with the unit which are not used inside the unit.

The seven-year guarantee is only valid for electronic welding equipment, plasma cutters, car battery chargers, filter cassettes of the welding helmets and air compressors of the STAHLWERK brand, which were delivered by STAHLWERK Schweißgeräte Deutschland e.K. after 01.01.2020. For equipment delivered by STAHLWERK Schweißgeräte Deutschland e. K. until 31.12.2019 the previous five-year guarantee shall continue to apply, which, except for the shorter guarantee period, has the same content as the current seven-year guarantee.

The warranty period is seven years and begins upon receipt of the goods. Example: receipt of the goods on 30.06.2020. Start of the warranty period: 30.06.2020. End of the warranty period: 29.06.2027.

You can find more detailed information under the following link: Warranty conditions.


The warranty provides a right to free repair of any damaged parts covered by the warranty.

To make a claim under the warranty, please contact us within the warranty period. You can do this both by telephone and by e-mail. Our staff will try to solve any problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If remote maintenance is not possible, please send the device to us. After an analysis a repair will be carried out and the device will be sent back to you. If a repair is not possible, a replacement will be sent to you after consultation. The repair and the return shipment are free of charge for you. You only pay the shipping to us.

Even outside the warranty period you can of course contact us if you have any problems. After the analysis of the device you will receive a quotation and then decide how you want to proceed.

Regardless of the warranty and the nature of the problem, our service and technical staff are at your disposal.

In order to ensure optimal support for our customers, our highly motivated staff is always available to answer any questions. Our employees are continuously trained and updated to the latest technical developments. Every customer has his own personal customer advisor who is available to help him with the processing of his order or with questions, with advice and action. A service from which you can personally convince yourself and benefit at any time, even on site.