MMA | ARC Welding Machines

Compactly built for welding without shielding gas, the MMA | ARC welders are among the strongest and lightest in their class. An integrated overheating protection and a high-performance cooling system enable the continuous retrieval of the maximum power. State-of-the-art IGBT technology ensures first-class efficiency with reduced power consumption. Most models have an IGBT double board, which keeps the welding current thermally stable by increasing the switching frequency, thus enabling significantly longer operating cycles. An automatic voltage increase at the start of the welding process ensures the best ignition results. The standard anti-stick function automatically reduces the welding current if the electrode sticks to the workpiece and prevents it from annealing. Optionally, the inverters can be extended to a DC TIG welder by using a compatible lift TIG torch. MMA | ARC welding is possible under almost all conditions and the absence of shielding gas as well as the low weight facilitate the mobile use of the units without great effort. The compact inverters are supplied with a wide range of accessories and, of course, in the usual STAHLWERK quality with a 7-year guarantee!

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